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Why a Personal Finance Workshop?

Finance Knowledge

To equip employees with personal finance knowledge

Financially aware

Financially aware employees are more likely to be financially happier


Financially happier employees are 20% more productive and have less attrition

Our Workshops

1. Basics of Mutual Fund investing (60 mins)

  • Objective: To learn basics of mutual fund investing

  • Content: What, Why and Types of Mutual Funds, Power of Compounding, SIP and Goal-based approach of investing

  • Suitable for: Beginners/first time employees of all age group

2. Financial Planning with Mutual Funds (60 mins)

  • Objective: To learn about making a financial plan

  • Content: Family Safety Net, Essential goals (Goal based investing)

  • Suitable for: Employees of all age group with some knowledge of basics of mutual fund investing

3. Advanced Mutual Fund investing (60 mins)

  • Objective: To invest in mutual funds like an expert

  • Content: Selection of Mutual Funds, Risk Profiling, Asset Allocation, Portfolio Re-balancing

  • Suitable for: for people with minimum 5 years of experience in mutual fund investing

Workshops done at


Swapnil Bhaskar

SEBI Registered Investment Adviser, NISM Certified Retirement Adviser, ex-Banker, 10+ years work experience, IIT Kanpur

Ankur Choudhary

SEBI Registered Investment Adviser, ex-Hedge Fund, 9+ years work experience, Author of book Criconomics, IIT Kanpur

What are the charges?

Typically, financial advisors charge between Rs 20,000 - 40,000 per workshop.

But we are doing it absolutely free of charge for organizations/workplaces based in Bengaluru. We believe in good karma. 😊

For rest of the locations, you need to arrange for travel and stay for one speaker or just reimburse the cost of the same at actuals.