What's New in Goalwise - September 2017 Edition

The past month had many big releases (including two first ever features) - basically a lot of late nights at office with endless cups of tea :)

Redeem on app

Remember the cool redemption feature on the web? We have brought the same one on our android app now. On the redeem page, you will be able to see the total money locked-in (in case of ELSS funds), the total money available for redemption and the total amount instantly redeemable (in case of the Emergency goal). In addition to redeeming from a particular Mutual Fund scheme, you can also use the below quick options:

  1. Redeem Only Exit Load Free Amount: You can choose, with just one click, to redeem only the amount in the goal that is free from exit loads across all funds in that goal.

  2. Redeem Only Tax Free (LTCG) Amount: You can choose to redeem only the tax-free/LTCG amount in the goal. So in case of Equity MFs you can withdraw only the amount on which no tax is applicable. And in case of Debt MFs you can choose to withdraw just the amount that qualifies for LTCG (Long term Capital Gains). In short, with just a click you can make sure that you redeeming only the amount which will attract the least amount of tax/no tax.

Redeem options on app
3. You can do all this not only at the goal level but at an individual fund level also i.e. from any fund you can choose to redeem only the amount that is exit-load free, or tax-free(LTCG) and so on - all with just clicking around. Redeem options on app
4. Show Taxes: Last but not the least! There is a small toggle button ‘Show Taxes’ on top of the Funds table and when you switch that on you can see the following three things for any amount that you enter against your Mutual Funds. a. How much of that amount will be exit-load free b. How much of that amount is Short Term Capital Gains (STCG) c. How much of that amount is Long Term Capital Gains (LTCG).

Knowing these numbers will help you make the most cost-efficient and tax-efficient decisions while redeeming your money. A rupee saved is a rupee earned!

Chat based on-boarding on app

We have introduced a fun and easy-to-understand onboarding for our new app users. Goalu, our onboarding expert will give you relevant information and suggestions based on your replies. This onboarding has been designed after onboarding 1000s of users over the phone, in person and on our live chat. Based on this we made a comprehensive list of frequent requirements, questions of users and then cut it down to make it a 2-minute onboarding. At the end of the onboarding, you will have at least one goal (based on your chat) suggested by Goalu to start your investing journey with Goalwise! We are soon going to work on similar lines to revamp the web on-boarding too. I am putting in some screenshots of this feature. Hope you like it!

This is how the on-boarding starts :)

On boarding screen 1

Another snapshot of the on-boarding chat with Goalu

Redeem options on app

Check it out on the Goalwise Android App.

One-click Portfolio Rebalancing

This is by far the most advanced feature release not just of this month, but of this year! We have not seen such an advanced version of this feature in any other investment platform yet. Earlier we had implemented SIP rebalancing, which is relatively straight-forward where you update your ongoing SIPs to new funds when we update our Mutual Fund recommendations. This does not change your old/existing investments, just your future SIPs.

Portfolio Rebalancing is for the investments that you have already made in your various goals.

They may contain some old Mutual Funds or may have an equity-debt split (asset allocation) which does not match your goal plan.

Through the rebalancing wizard you can simply review the rebalancing transactions and approve it.

The rest has been completely automated by us. It has taken over a month to work out all the details like MF scheme minimums, transactions scheduling etc., switch-in switch-out transactions etc. And after a month finally we have managed to make it a one-click process for our investors!

Another added bonus is that you will be asked to rebalance only your exit load free amount so you don’t need to pay exit load charges to MF companies.

Starts with showing you why your portfolio needs rebalancing

A timeline you can access after you have initiated rebalancing

If your goal(s) needs rebalancing you must have received an email about the same. To know which goals are recommended for rebalancing and other details, you can read our blog on this feature.

Check out this feature here: Rebalance Portfolios

Goalwise Team Portfolios

Whenever someone gave me investment advice, I have always wanted to ask - “Thanks but where are you investing your money?” (including to the financial pundits in the media). I bet you have wondered the same. You may have never asked it aloud because you don’t even expect it to be answered honestly. It is time to change that. Now you will know exactly how your advisors and other team members at Goalwise (your Goalwise buddies) are investing for their goals.

This may not be the most sophisticated feature but it is definitely the most revolutionary and my favourite (not to mention another first-ever feature in an investment platform) :). It has been inspired by the unfortunate lack of transparency and honesty in this industry and our mission of becoming the most trusted financial company in India.

Among others, you will be able to see how Swapnil and Ankur (who are SEBI Registered Investment Advisors) have been investing in their goals. This is to let you know that we are investing our money the same way as we are advising you to because we truly believe in what we have built and to tell you that you are not alone in the ups and downs of your investment journey. We are all in it together.

"We invest your money as we invest ours."TM

Oh by the way, you can also copy their goals with their settings to your dashboard and start investing! :)

Now you can see my goals!

Check out this feature here: Goalwise Team Portfolios

The Retirement Tool

We have developed a Retirement Tool that will help you calculate the retirement corpus you need and the money you need to invest every month to get there. In addition to the normal goal planning tool you can do the following and the resulting calculations will change accordingly:

  1. You can see the effect of being able to increase your SIP by 10% every year

  2. It gives you the option to take inflation into account and show the retirement corpus’ value in today’s terms

  3. Adjust retirement age and life expectancy

My retirement plan

So now you can now plan your retirement in just 5 minutes! Investing for it of course is a slightly longer process :D

As always, any and all suggestions for upcoming features are welcome. Just put them in the comments below!