What's New in Goalwise - October 2017 Edition

This month has been quite the ‘GWappy’ month! Let’s get down to it.

Goalwise investment tracking app is now on iOS!

The tracking app is for invested users as of now. They can track their investments, see transaction history, take risk profile, refer Goalwise to their friends, set target amount, edit their goal name etc. We will be adding more in the future!

Android app’s new features

We added log in via fingerprint and PIN so you don’t need to remember your super secure (hopefully) loooong password (which I personally find quite annoying).

Added the option to stop and skip SIPs.

Since the tax season is here, we thought we should add the feature to download/email the 80C reports in the app too. Along with that, we have added other reports like Capital Gains report etc as well :)

You can also schedule a call with our advisors through the app now.

And of course the zeitgeist - Resident Indians mandatorily need to link their Aadhaar numbers to their MF investments by Dec 31st 2017.

So we have provided the feature to link your Aadhaar number on the app too. If you have given your Aadhaar as your address proof already or you are an NRI you will not be shown the section at all :)

On the web, we have one big change and one Aadhaar change.

Invest section revamp

This month we have revamped our Invest section to make it simpler and more user friendly! Hope you all think so too :)

Apart from the major UI changes, there have been some improvements in the flow. Now when you click invest, you get the following two options:

  1. Quick Invest - when you just quickly want to invest in say your emergency goal and don’t want to do any goal planning.

  1. Choose custom Funds - We have made it much easier to use. For those of you who have chosen their own funds know the pain - every time you came back to invest or modify your SIP you had to choose your custom funds all over again. We have changed that to show you your chosen funds upfront! Also we have made searching of funds easier with Equity and Debt filters.

Aadhaar linking - You can go to the ‘My Account ‘ section and link your Aadhaar to your MF investments. Yes, like everything else Resident Indians need to mandatorily link their MF investments to Aadhaar by Dec 31st, 2017 or your investments will be frozen. If you have given your Aadhaar as your address proof already or your are an NRI you will not be shown the section at all :)

Please check out these features and let us know in the comments or on chat what you think. Were they helpful? How can we improve them?

Most of them are based on your feedback and feature requests so keep them coming. :)