What's new in Goalwise - November 2017 Edition

So November's gone already! This month is not as explosive as the last in terms of product. That doesn’t mean we weren’t busy! It just means we have been doing a lot of automation work on the operations front to make our systems more robust. These aren’t changes you will see but it will make a lot of the processes smoother and less error-prone.

Anyway on the product side of things we do have some fun stuff to talk about.

New Dashboard

We have cleaned up the dashboard (and hoot hoot! people love it!) and the sign up/ login pages. You can thank Jaseem, our in-house UI designer for the new designs :)

These are some of the compliments our new look has got from you all -

‘the website looks much more sleek and better, earlier the Add Goal option was overshadowing the Goals. Now that the Add Goals option is put above the top of the Goals, the home page looks much better.’

‘much better than before’

‘Really like the new UI, much better’

Change SIP date

Every day we had at least one user asking us this question ‘how do I change my SIP date?’ That makes it 7 investors a week. And every time this question was asked, the customer experience team cringed and angry looks were given to the Product team (and rightly so). So this month we decided we must get rid of this UX issue once and for all.

To solve this we have made a separate Change SIP date page that is accessible from the dropdown next to the Goal Planning Tool. And voila! After that we have received a grand total of 3 people asking us this question in the last 3 weeks! And to top it all - it looks so good :)

Goalwise Investment Tracker iOS App updates

In October we launched the Goalwise iOS tracking app for our investors. This month we have made some enhancements to it. I will just outline the main stuff that is on it as of now -

  • You can track the progress of your goals, invested amount etc.
  • You can take our risk questionnaire which will tell what your investment risk profile is
  • You can view any active SIPs you may have and transactions associated with the goal
  • You can set the target for your goal and edit your goal’s name
  • You can pay for your SIPs from the app

More features to be added soon!

As I've said before, most of them are based on your feedback and feature requests so keep them coming. :)

Oh, all of us at Goalwise also went for a 22 km trek to the Kudremukh peak on the last weekend of the month. Will post some pics soon. :)