What's new in Goalwise - June 2018 Edition

There were two big releases this June:

New dashboard on the web

The Goalwise web dashboard got a stunning upgrade in June and now packs much more functionality as compared to the old one.

We incorporated a lot of user feedback collected over the last year into the re-design - from vertical list of goal cards for those with a lot of goals (high-five!) to the ability to invest/redeem directly from the dashboard.

We have also added the on-track/off-track status to the goal cards on the dashboard itself since that is the most important indicator for your goals (and not short-term returns).

Make sure all your goals are on track!

You can also check out your streak and see where you stand with respect to other investors and read the latest blogs from your dashboard.

We have also added the blog link in our Android App's side menu so that you can read our awesome content on the go!

Step-up SIP

Another feature requested by a lot of our investors (and our financial planners) was to include an annual step-up option in SIPs and goal planning such that the SIP increases by 5%/10% every year and the projections are shown accordingly.

This is now available on the web and will be done soon on the app as well.

The impact of setting a step-up option is huge for long term goals.

For a 20 year goal, you can reach more than 2x your current target by using the step-up option or, equivalently, you can start with half the SIP amount and achieve the same target if you keep increasing your SIPs by 10% every year (as your income and savings increase).

Do tell us how you like the new features in the comments below and also let us know any suggestions that you may have for improving your goal-based investing experience at Goalwise. :)