What's new in Goalwise - June 2017 Edition

A long overdue blog on the big features we have introduced in the last few months! We hope to keep this up by writing a post every month or two updating all Goalwise users on the newly added features we have been working hard on. :)

New & Improved Online KYC - Registering and completing KYC has been made much easier. You can log in and complete the one-time process in 5 minutes, completely online :)

Family Access - You can now access your family’s account without having to login and logout again and again by linking the accounts. Ping us on chat to find out more.

Capital Gains Report - You can now download the Capital Gains Report from the Downloads tab. This report contains the details of your Short Term and Long Term Capital Gains to make filing of taxes easier :)

Invest through Goalwise Android App - Now you can set up SIPs and make lumpsum investments in your goals via the app! You can also pay for your SIPs through the app now. :) Get the Goalwise app here.

Instant redemption in the Emergency goal - Now you safely park your money in the Emergency goal and redeem upto Rs. 50,000 instantly whenever you want! Read more about it here.

Account locked notification - Now not only will your account get locked after 5 unsuccessful login attempts but you will also get an email notifying you of the same (of course with a link to unlock it)

Goalwise Newsletter subscription - We have started a newsletter that we will send every month to the subscribers. It will have our latest blogs on investing. Subscribe when the pop up appears on the blog!

That's all for now but more to come soon!

If there is some feature that you would like us to work on, please let us know in the comments. We will add it to our list. :)