What's new in Goalwise - July 2018 Edition

Another busy month for Goalwise with some big and lots of small feature updates:

Goal Notes on web

Want to scribble down something for your goals - a purpose (eg to buy a gift for mom) or may be an action to be done later (eg increase SIP to Rs 10,000 by end of year) or just as a note of caution to yourself (eg don't touch for 5 years - come what may)?

Now you can do that easily via Goal Notes right inside your Goalwise account!


Say goodbye to your investment diary or spreadsheets which you can never find later when you need them. Have everything in one place.

Online KYC in iOS app

Now iPhone users can also download the Goalwise app, sign up, register their KYC completely online and start investing - all in one go right from the app itself.


So let all your iPhone using friends know!

And don't forget to use your unique referral link to invite them so that both you and your friend can win some Paytm cash.

Note: We are continuously adding features to our iOS app to bring it at par with our Android app and the Goalwise website. Next in the iOS pipeline are redeem and family dashboard features.

New Transaction Center on web

We have updated the transaction centre design on the web to match the rest of the website.


Based on your feedback, we have also added filters and search to make it easier for you to drill down to any particular sub-set of transactions that you want to look at e.g. "lumpsum payments made in ICICI Mutual Funds via NACH".

Goalwise blog has a new look and a new home

Goalwise blog home page has been restructured to make it easier for you to find relevant content quicker by grouping them into categories.


The url of the blog has also been changed from blog.goalwise.com to www.goalwise.com/blog in order to integrate it better with the rest of the goalwise website resources.

Don't worry if you have the old blog links bookmarked - all of them will still work. :)

Other updates:

  • Rebalance portfolio notifications were sent by email and SMS to all those who had goals with investments to be rebalanced.
  • Step-up SIP feature was added to the Goalwise Android app.
  • New dashboard has been rolled out for all users and old dashboard has been discontinued.
  • Now you can import contacts from your gmail account and invite them to Goalwise from the Refer & Earn page on the web.

Do tell us how you like the new features in the comments below and also let us know any suggestions that you may have for improving your goal-based investing experience at Goalwise. :)