What's new in Goalwise - January 2018 Edition

The biggest update in January 2018 was the annual review of our Mutual Fund recommendations.

New list of Recommended Mutual Funds for 2018

We have now updated our list of recommended Mutual Funds for 2018 based on the latest performance data of all Mutual Funds up to Dec 31st 2017.

Most of our investors have already updated their ongoing SIPs via Rebalance SIPs and many old investors have also rebalanced the exit load-free part of their existing portfolios via Rebalance Portfolios where applicable.

If you haven't, please go ahead and do so. There are no exit load or tax implications.

New Goal Plan

Another major feature that went live was converting the Goal Planning Tool from being a tool to being the actual Goal Plan (and with a new look!).

Now one can see more accurate On-track/Off-track status since Goal Plan will only reflect what's actually being invested in your goal (and not any unimplemented plan).

Also, now you can do both SIP and lumpsum, stop ongoing SIPs and change SIP date via the Goal Plan itself.

Hide/Unhide goals

You asked for it and we made it!

A nifty feature for those who create a lot of goals - you can now hide goals that you don't want to see on your dashboard (e.g. a fully redeemed goal).

Hiding goals just hides them from your dashboard, no transactions etc are impacted by this. So go ahead and clean up your dashboard. You can always unhide the goals later.

What else would you like to do with Goalwise? Let us know in the comments below or email us on care@goalwise.com or just ping us on chat :)