What's new in Goalwise - February 2018 Edition

Another month with a couple of nifty new features and some beautiful (and useful) redesigns.

1. Link Family Accounts

Managing multiple investment accounts on Goalwise for your family members or close friends?

Now you can link their accounts with yours and manage all of them via your own dashboard. No more logging in and out with different email ids!

2. New Goal Details page

Our goal details page has a brand new look!

It's cleaner and yet packs more information, including your recent transactions.

My favourite part is that now I can see whether I am on-track or off-track with respect to my target on this page itself instead of having to go the goal plan.

3. Pay for first SIP instalment immediately

Waiting is boring! Now you can pay for your first SIP instalment immediately after setting up your SIP. Ain't that cool?

Go set up an SIP and check it out! :D

4. New Homepage

And finally, we have a new home page that is more in line with the rest of our product design (and is gorgeous!).

Go check it out here. All the way down.

Do tell us in the comments below how you liked it.

Also, as usual, keep sending in your feedback so that we can build Goalwise better together!