What's new in Goalwise - December 2017 Edition

Happy new year folks!

The last month of 2017 was in keeping with the Christmas spirit for the product as we released several family and friends related features.

Family Dashboard

For users who have linked their accounts with their family members' can now see an overview of all accounts at one glance on the Family Dashboard. This feature is available in the website as well as in the Android app.

You can also view all your linked accounts in the Android app now.

If you have family members and significant others (wink wink) investing via Goalwise and you wish to link all the accounts to yours, just drop us a message on chat and we'll do that for you. Soon this feature will also be available as a do-it-yourself too.

And if you don’t have your special people investing through Goalwise yet, what are you waiting for? Time to refer us, earn Paytm cash, and then link their account to yours!

Goal Planning Tool on Android app

Till now our super helpful goal planning tool was only available on the web but now you can plan your goals on the go!

Want to plan how much to invest to reach 1 Cr in 10 years or just see whether you are on-track or off-track with respect to your target - it's all there in the Goal Planning Tool.

GW Buddy Portfolios on Android App

Our favourite feature - Goalwise Buddy Portfolios - is now available on the app as well. You can check out how the Goalwise team invests and even copy their goals with just a click!

As you can see the android dev team has been super busy cranking out features for you. Soon we will start working full-on on the iOS app as well. :)

Do let us know what features you would like us to work on in the comments below.

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