What's new in Goalwise - August 2018 Edition

August was mostly spent automating some of our internal processes for customer support and operations but we did have some key updates on the main product as well.

New Navigation Menu for Web

This was the biggest update to the Goalwise website in the month of August.

We streamlined the navigation by adding a regular left hand side menu drawer on the web.

The side menu now even contains a list of goals and you can directly navigate to that goal from anywhere in the website. No need to come back to the dashboard anymore just to go to another goal.


For those with linked accounts, switching accounts has also become easier from the top right profile menu.

Mutual Funds Details Pages

Another addition to the Goalwise website is a directory of all Mutual Funds which represents our own attempt at a VRO-type resource to look up data on all the Mutual Funds that are out there.

Right now it contains data that you can find elsewhere as well but it is presented in a much neater way. We have some plans to enriching the data with some of our custom analysis but that's still in the works.


Finally, it is just a FYI feature for people looking for that info. In general, you won't need to bother yourself with it.

Reports in PDF format

Based on some user feedback, we have now added the option of downloading your reports as PDF as well.


iOS Feature Updates

Two major updates for the iOS app this month:

  • Family Dashboard + Linked Accounts
  • Redeem (including instant redeem)

Next up in iOS: Goal Planning

Do let us know in the comments below or via chat if there are some goal-based investing features that you would like us to work on. :)