Happy Women's Day: A Single Mother

Mumbai-born Nisha spent a significant part of her life in Dubai, where her parents have run a successful business in advertising for the past 20 years. Having completed her education there, she returned to Mumbai in 2000 seeking to get married, finally getting hitched in 2001.


Leading a comfortable life with a good standard of living, all seemed to be going well. She became pregnant with her first child in 2008. But that was when she hit a rough patch with her husband. He wasn’t ready for the responsibility of raising a child. His cold feet led to significant friction with Nisha, culminating in a divorce. Subsequently, Nisha moved out with her then 1-year old daughter.

Her parents were her pillar of strength. She moved into their house in Mumbai while she got back on her feet, and her mother supported her whole-heartedly, relocating to Mumbai and taking care of little Tara (name changed) while Nisha rebuilt her career.

As the sole woman in an editorial team of over 30 at a leading publishing house, she feels fortunate that her workplace was and continues to be highly accommodating of her needs as a single mother, particularly when it comes to working hours and vacation days.

Today, 7 years later, Nisha has succeeded in making a clean break from her past financially. She has restored the savings she exhausted in the first few years after the divorce. Her daughter’s current and future education needs have helped her plan her finances so that she can deal with expenses and contingencies as they arise, through investments in mutual funds, endowment schemes and health insurance. The joy in her voice as she talks about her daughter is unmistakable. Her Tara.