Income tax filing becomes easier and cheaper for you as Goalwise ties up with H&R Block!

It’s the income tax return filing season!

Before we start, a critical note for you: The due date to file your income tax return for FY 2017 - 18 is 31st July, 2018 31st August, 2018 and post due date penalty up to Rs. 5000/- is applicable from Income Tax Department.

We know tax filing is tedious and expert help with it can go a long way! To help our investors in filing taxes, we’ve tied-up with H&R Block (based in US and Bangalore) - a registered e-return intermediary & world leader in individual income tax services. Not just that - with the link below you will be able to get upto 45% off. :)

Describing the process to avail of this offer below with screenshots.


  1. Click and sign up through:

  1. Fill up the questionnaire to help H&R Block can understand your tax situation.

  1. Pay and submit. H&R Block can start preparing income tax return for you.

Based on whether you had any capital gains in the previous financial year or not the pricing will differ. If you had capital gains, then the pricing will be higher (screen 1 below) and will be lower if you didn’t have any capital gains (screen 2 below):

With Capital Gains (Screen 1)

Without capital gains (Screen 2)

Important: Goalwise is acting only as a facilitator for its investors. We can help you in escalating any issues faced by you to the concerned people in H&R Block. However, please ask H&R Block’s tax experts for all the queries relating to your tax filing. Their support ID is

Get started now to avoid last minute rush! Happy Filing! :)

The unique link for Goalwisers:

P.S. For all those who have suggested that we start filing IT returns for our loyal investors - right now we want to focus on goal-based investing. But we have this feedback in mind for the future. :)