Performance Report of Goalwise Recommended Mutual Funds for FY 2016-17

One of the core USPs of Goalwise is to select the best Mutual Funds for you so that you can get higher returns effortlessly. For this, we have developed a rigorous data-driven selection strategy that we use to choose Mutual Funds for our users.

How well did our selected Mutual Funds perform last year (FY2016-17)?

1. Equity

Nifty put up a great show last financial year (1st April 2016 - 31st March 2017) despite events like demonetisation and delivered almost 19% returns - an above average year by any means.

Goalwise did even better.

7 out of 9 Goalwise recommended Equity Mutual Funds outperformed the Nifty and Sensex. 6 out of 9 funds also outperformed their category average.

In terms of goals, our Tax Save goal outperformed Nifty by almost 7% and our other equity funds in goals like Wealth etc outperformed Nifty by 2-5% depending on the risk category.

Here is the entire list of last FY's Equity Funds with their respective performance grouped by goal and risk category.

As you can see we did not get all of them right. No one can. One of our top picks - Birla Sun Life MNC fund - did not do as well as the others. After posting strong returns in the preceding two years, this year it lagged the Nifty. But the others more than made up for it. This is how investing works in general. This also shows the benefits of diversification - it acts as a protection against the uncertainty that is inherent in predicting the future.

In accordance with our MF selection strategy, the 2 funds that did not beat Nifty - Axis Long Term Equity Fund and Birla Sun Life MNC Fund - have been replaced in the new year's list. They are still good funds and will probably feature in our top 10 but no longer in the top 3-4 that we recommend. This way we ensure that you stay invested in only the best Mutual Funds year after year. :)

2. Debt

On the debt side too Goalwise recommended Mutual Funds have done well with all funds giving similar or higher returns than an FD.

We have retained all the debt funds from last year except in the Emergency Goal where we now have Reliance Liquid Fund - Treasury Plan as it offers instant redemption.

We update our Mutual Fund selections at the beginning of every financial year. Our new list of Mutual Funds for FY 2017-18 can be seen here.