Looking for Halal Shariah compliant Mutual Funds? Here's the list

Currently, there are only three Sharia-compliant mutual funds in India:

The first two are actively-managed multi-cap Mutual Fund schemes and Reliance ETF Sharia BeES is an exchange-traded fund (ETF) that invests in the Nifty 50 Sharia Index.

Name of Fund Launch Date AUM 5 year returns
Tata Ethical Fund May 24, 1996 523 Cr 11.76%
Taurus Ethical Fund Apr 06, 2009 37 Cr 12.28%
Reliance ETF Shariah BeES Mar 18, 2009 3 Cr 11.44%

Between the three, Tata Ethical Fund has the longest history and the highest AUM while the returns are approximately the same for all since they are all following the same theme of Shariah compliant investing.

You can invest in Tata Ethical Fund via Goalwise.

Note: You will need a Demat account to invest in Reliance ETF Sharia BeES as it is an ETF.