Investor Q&A: What stops people from copying your fund suggestions?

Q. What stops people to read goalwise blog and invest in those funds directly in direct schemes. Rather than into regular scheme through Goalwise? :)

Nothing stops anyone from copying our fund selection (just like nothing stops anyone from copying a Mutual Fund's stock selection also) but that is only one component of investing successfully.

In addition to that, all Goalwise investors get:

  1. Goal based investing - this means goal setting, on-track/off-track goal-tracking and asset allocation glide path for all your goals. Asset Allocation glide path means that initially a goal could be a long term goal and have high equity recommendation but as you get closer to your goal, it becomes a medium and then short term goal, thereby necessitating a shift from risky equity assets to safer debt assets. Otherwise a stock market crash towards the end of your goal can completely derail all your financial planning.

  2. Annual Portfolio Rebalancing - while it is easy to copy fund selection once, the rebalancing required when the recommendations change is actually the more important part. Money needs to be redeemed from old funds and re-invested in new funds in a cost and tax efficient way. All this is done automatically on Goalwise.

  3. Financial planning - As you grow, your financial planning needs also grow - insurance, child’s education, retirement planning etc start becoming important and you may need someone professional to do some customised planning for you across all aspects and not just Mutual Funds. Again this is something that all Goalwise investors get free access to so that you can have complete peace of mind when it comes to your finances. :)

Hope this clarifies. :)