How to use Goalwise?

Wondering how to create a goal? Or are you setting up your first SIP? Want to redeem your investments?

These short video guides we put together will help you do all that and much more! We hope they help you find your way around your Goalwise dashboard.

Happy investing!

How to add a goal on my Goalwise dashboard?

Here's how you can add more goals to your dashboard:

How to edit a goal name?

Name your Retirement goal "Old Age". Add your child's name to your various Children goals (no one has just one!). Call your Wealth goal "Treasure Chest". Get creative :)

How to set up an SIP on Goalwise?

Looking to setup your first SIP under a goal? Look no more! Here's how you can do that:

And done! You have created your first SIP under this goal!

Please note that you would be able to setup an SIP up to 4 days prior to the scheduled SIP start date. For example, if the scheduled SIP start date is January 7, you can setup the SIP till midnight on January 3.

If your NACH mandate isn't approved till 4 days before the SIP date (whether we haven't received it yet, or it's still under processing with your bank), we will send you a payment link via email 3 days before the scheduled SIP date. You can login to your Goalwise account through this link and make the SIP payment via Netbanking. The payment link will be valid till 12PM (12 Noon) on the SIP date.

For example, if the scheduled SIP date is January 7, you would receive the payment link on January 4. The link would be valid till 12PM (12 Noon) on January 7.

How to make a lumpsum investment on Goalwise?

You can make lumpsum investments towards your goals at any time, through either Netbanking or NACH payment mode.

We put together this short video that guides you from your Dashboard all the way to the Payment page.

How to pay for my SIP on Goalwise?

If your NACH isn't activated yet, you can pay for your SIPs on Goalwise through netbanking. Here's a short video to guide you through the steps:

How to choose my own funds?

Looking to invest in a particular fund that's not in our recommendations? Or perhaps you don't like our recommendations at all?

Here's how you can choose your own funds for SIP while investing with Goalwise:

Here's how you can choose your own funds for lumpsum while investing with Goalwise:

How to change my SIP amount?

Looking to increase/decrease your monthly SIP amount? Look no further! Here's a quick walkthrough of what you need to do:

How to change my SIP date?

Would you like to change your monthly SIP date to a more convenient one? Here's how to do it:

How to modify my existing SIP on Goalwise?

Have you made any changes to your goal plan? Do you wish to modify your SIPs accordingly? This video guide will help you do this.

Some of the details that can be changed are the SIP date, SIP amount, SIP duration, and the Risk Profile for the goal in question (and hence, the asset allocation and Mutual Fund recommendations).

We are currently working to integrate the planning and execution sections of your dashboard. Once this feature is released, changes to your goal plans would automatically change your SIPs. Coming soon!

How to skip an SIP under one of my goals?

If you want to skip 1 or 2 installments of your SIP under a goal, you can do that directly through your dashboard in a few short clicks:

How to cancel my existing SIP?

If you want to cancel all existing SIPs under a goal, you can do that directly through your dashboard in a few short clicks:

How to redeem/withdraw my investments?

Completed your goal? Or maybe you need to dip into your Emergency Fund?

Whatever the reason, here's how you can redeem the investments made under your goals on Goalwise, using our all new advanced redeem feature:

You'll be able to see how much amount is free of exit load, how much is tax free/qualifies for long-term capital gains, and also what are the applicable short-term and long-term capital gains for the withdrawal you're about to make.

Under the Tax Save goal, you'll also be able to see how much amount is free from the 3 year lock-in period!

We hope you found these videos useful! Please let us know in the comments if we can put together any other short videos to help you navigate your dashboard :)

If you have any other questions for us, we're a short ping away on chat! You can also reach out to us via phone/WhatsApp (+91-8586000247) or email (