How Goalwise makes investing in the best Mutual Funds easy for beginners

We have designed several aspects of Goalwise to help a new investor get started as quickly and confidently as possible. Some of these are -

1. Jargon-free

The Goalwise website as well as all our user communication is jargon-free. We don’t use fancy investment-speak to sound smart or intimidating.

2. Goal based with Best MFs for each goal:

This is one of the major USPs of Goalwise.

Which one would you find easier to understand and invest in - an Emergency Goal to save up for a rainy day OR a Liquid/Ultra Short Term Debt Mutual Fund with no exit load?
Hence, we start with goals (which are personal, relatable and meaningful) and not Mutual Funds or portfolios (which are impersonal).

You can invest in self-explanatory goals like Emergency Fund to put aside a sum of money for unforeseen emergency expenses, Tax Save for tax saving under section 80C, Wealth to generate high returns for long term, Retirement for building your retirement corpus etc.

A beginner would not know which Mutual Funds are suitable for what purpose, hence by using goals, we have categorized the best Mutual Funds according to the purpose they would be suitable for.

So for e.g. Emergency Fund has only the best Liquid Debt Funds which are ultra-safe and offer quick redemption - something you would need in an emergency - where as Wealth goal has the best equity funds for high growth in the long term.


3. Planning tools to help you decide how much to invest:

Wouldn’t it be great to know how much to invest if you want to get to 1 Crore in 10 years? Our goal planning tools helps you do that and much more. You can see the effect of varying your SIP and lumpsum investments on your projected target before you invest. This is great for beginners who are not well versed with Mutual Fund returns and can’t do such computations on their own.

4. Risk Profile:

As a beginner, you would have never faced the ups and downs of the stock market or Mutual Fund investing. It is very easy to get attracted to the high long term returns of Equity Mutual Funds and start investing all your money in them without doing a proper risk profile. But stock markets are very volatile. In 2008, the stock markets and Mutual Funds investing in them lost more than 50% of their money. This can happen anytime again - and you wouldn’t be able to escape it.

A risk profile questionnaire lets you know how much you should invest in stock market (equity MFs) and how much in debt (non-stock market and FD like MFs) by asking you a series of simple questions. You can see the Goalwise Risk Questionnaire here to get an idea.

Goalwise Risk Profile Questionnaire

5. Completely Online KYC:

Getting the KYC done is also a hassle for new investors because of the paperwork involved. Goalwise has a completely online KYC process by which you can get your KYC done and set up your SIP, all in less than 10 minutes!

6. Beginner friendly investment experts on chat and call:

Lastly, no matter how much automation and features an investment platform might have, it is always good to have a friendly expert by your side to help you out if you get stuck or have any random questions - especially if you are just starting out. And our customer support is something that we have gotten great reviews for! :)

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