Are there any charges for investing via Goalwise?

Goalwise is now completely FREE.

Goalwise now only provides Direct Mutual Funds (since 4th June, 2019) which don't have any hidden charges or commissions in them (unlike Regular Mutual Funds platforms like Scripbox and FundsIndia which charge hidden commissions).

There are no account opening or maintenance charges either.

In short, completely free.

Why has Goalwise moved to direct funds?

Until now zero-commission direct plans were available only for a small minority of Do-It-Yourself Mutual Fund investors.

But we at Goalwise have always believed that good investment advice should be accessible to everyone in a low cost way.

Hence we have moved to Direct Mutual Funds so that not just DIY investors but anyone can now invest in Mutual Funds in a fully guided, goal-based way for free.

We hope that with this change, we will be able to help more Indians invest according to their goals.

How do we plan to make money then?

We are working on adding more financial products (e.g. we already provide term insurance, we will add other insurances as well) and some paid premium features. If you have any such features in mind, please feel free to write to us at

Do spread the word that investing with Goalwise is completely free now!

Note: Existing investors will need to move their investments and SIPs in regular funds to direct plans via our portfolio and SIP rebalancing feature. We will be sending out emails and notifications about this over this week.