Happy Women's Day: The Entrepreneur

Where family obligations tend to hold back most Indian women, Shama Gupta Joshi’s husband and two children have been a source of motivation and support in her 15 year career in the HR industry.

Shama has a strong individualistic streak, which came to the fore towards the end of her stint with her first employer. She felt the firm didn’t value her abilities enough, and wasn’t paying her on par with her productivity. In 2006, armed with self-belief and a patiently cultivated professional network, she started her own HR consultancy firm with a partner.

She decided to strike out on her own towards the end of 2014, and has been enjoying the freedom and challenges of being her own boss since then. Among the many challenges she frequently faces are unwarranted advances from male candidates, which is all the more disconcerting because the hires she makes are typically for middle and senior management positions. She makes it a point to handle such situations with a heavy hand, lest they take her silence as encouragement.

A firm believer in the potential of the women of India, Shama says the status quo must change. More women must come out from the shadows of their families with confidence and be a part of the nation’s professional workforce.