Happy Women's Day: The Dutiful Daughter

Sangeeta has been working ever since she finished her Class 12th exams. The eldest of 6 siblings, she had to supplement her mother’s income to help run the household. Her father’s health had been deteriorating for the past two years, leaving the family with no source of income and significant expenses.

Her mother found employment as a help at a local shoe store, and Sangeeta started working as a teacher with an NGO providing crèche services. She simultaneously enrolled in a distance learning program for her graduation and completed her studies in 2012.


With the retail boom that came to India around 2010, she found employment at a local convenience store. She has been working there for the past 5 years, earning a promotion to Assistant Manager this past September.

Along the way, she has helped her mother put her siblings through school and college, ensuring that their limited means do not hinder their education. Her father, aged 47, passed away in 2015 after a prolonged battle with lung disease, but she has helped her mother ensure minimal impact on her siblings’ lives.

Her family’s income and expenses balance out each month, leaving them with little in the way of savings. But Sangeeta has hope, and continues to work for a better future. She expects prospects for the elder of her two brothers to improve significantly once he graduates from Delhi University next year.

She herself has aspirations to pursue an MBA in retail while she continues to work. For a hard working woman who’s earned two promotions in the span of 6 months, her ambitions are no mere pipe dream.