Happy Women's Day: Belief, Dedication, and Resolve

Sushila Choudhary had just become a mother for the first time. It was 1975 in Bhagalpur, Bihar. Her husband, a mechanical engineer, had lost his right arm in an accident and was forced to take up a low-paying teaching position at the local college. Barely able to make ends meet, she decided she is not going to sit around just hoping for things to change.

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She got in to medical college and attended classes carrying her son Amit on her back. Soon she realised that it was impossible for her to attend college, take care of the baby well and do the household chores. Given the financial situation it was also difficult to provide him with the appropriate nutrition. That is when she took the most difficult decision of her life – she sent Amit to her parents’ home in order to make sure he was taken proper care of while she studied and took care of the house. Her in-laws were aghast – which mother sends her child away to earn some money! But she knew that this was the only way for her to secure her child’s future.

Five years later, she became a doctor and she made a resolve – apart from the basic needs, she will not spend on anything except her children’s education because she believed like with her, it is the only thing that will see them through. She had 2 more children after becoming a doctor. When her eldest son Amit passed Std. X, she mortgaged her wedding jewellery and sent him to one of Delhi’s top schools for the academics and the exposure. In a few years she and her husband were earning enough to live an upper middle class life but without upgrading their lifestyle they continued to save as much as possible in the ‘Children’s Fund’.

Amit went on to study Computer Science at BHU and then went to the U.S. Her daughter became a doctor and now works at one of the biggest government hospitals in Delhi and her youngest son got into IIT ranking 17th in entrance exam and today runs his own investment company.

Today, Sushila, 61, has a maternity clinic and a house in Bhagalpur and also contributes to the running of a girls’ school.