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Get higher returns. Automatically.

Our research-based Mutual Funds selection strategies give upto 3-4% higher returns than average Mutual Funds. We automatically keep your money invested in only the best funds without you having to switch funds yourself. Read More

Goalwise Mutual Fund Selection vs Sensex Returns - Growth of Rs 100 since 2004 *
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One place for all your goals. Invest and withdraw anytime.

You create goals and we plan and execute it for you. All in one place. You can invest and withdraw at any time, even for long term goals. Also get one-on-one guidance from our SEBI and AMFI registered financial advisors.

Cost-effective Advisory

Like all distributors, we get a small recurring fee (~0.6% annually) from your investments via the Mutual Fund company. You don’t pay anything directly.

A team of experts

SEBI and AMFI regd IIT alumni who have spent several years in the investment industry and have earned 12-15% pa on their investments.

Bank-grade security

Your money goes directly from your account to the Mutual Fund (and never to Goalwise). Goalwise just manages the transactions on your behalf.

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You can now sign up, complete your KYC and invest via SIPs and lumpsum through the Goalwise Android App. You can also track your progress towards each of your goals.
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